The Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem. L-R: Alex Rosamilia, Brian Fallon, Alex Levine, Benny Horowitz.

    Talking about music can never replace listening to it, and it can’t replace the feelings of experiencing it.

    That said …

    The Gaslight Anthem’s music is loud and passion-filled and deeply poetic. Like all my favorite bands, its lead singer Brian Fallon is its living embodiment, and while Fallon could be considered a slightly chaotic entity, his tortured artist ways clearly contribute heavily in his ability to make stellar sounds.

    Brian Fallon.

    TGA is a band I would’ve been absolutely obsessed with in high school (like, to an annoying degree), and it’s an amazing sensation to discover audio that accesses those sense-memories despite having no ties to them. Lucky for me (and anyone within ten feet of me), I’m able to still enjoy the band twice a life later, and I’ve got less energy to pester innocent bystanders with my love for ’em.

    Okay, so where do you fit into this? Where does a new listener begin? It’s up for debate amongst the fanbase which album is best (a classic sign of a quality band), but for me, my passion was kindled by way of their 2012 album, Handwritten.

    Give ’em a listen. Let the experience overwhelm you. Then get back to me and we’ll talk more.

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