The Colburn School Performs Steve Reich

I’ve been listening to a lot of Steve Reich compositions lately. That’s nothing new, I’ve written about my obsession with his work before, but I only recently realized I’d never seen it performed live. As luck would have it, when I searched for the next time his music was being played locally, I learned that in a few short days the Colburn School would be having a performance of my favorite Reich piece, Music for 18 Musicians. For those who don’t know, Colburn is situated kitty-corner to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and it’s an elite musical institution in its own right, developing the next generation of great musical talents. I’m ashamed to say that despite living in the area for many years, I’d never seen a performance at Colburn, so I jumped at the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

The evening of the show, Colburn’s Ted Atkatz introduced 18 Musicians by describing the act of listening to it like sensing color or channeling mood. As for my experience, I relished equally in closing my eyes and losing myself in the music, and closely watching the musicians (who are basically kids!) perform as a well-oiled machine for nearly an hour straight.

I took some video of the performance (which I then made black & white because I saw Maestro recently) which I’m sharing in order to whet the appetite; please find any piece by Steve Reich being performed in your area and go see it!

I love hearing the transition from the warm into the piece.
These sounds are special. The piece ebbs and flows in legitimately a perfect way.

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