Photos of DTLA, from the first days of December ’23

I’ve assembled some photos I snapped around the downtown area of Los Angeles in the last few days. I messed around with them in post production a bit, but without a real intent for what I was trying to do, I ended up with a collection of pictures that don’t quite feel related to one another. To add, I’m not sure if these snaps are of particular quality, but I’m gonna paste them here because maybe they’ll make for an interesting time capsule in a few decades, or maybe I’ll take another look at them in a few months and they’ll spark an idea for me (it’s true that a good thought can come from anywhere.)

The AON building, in black and white. This is quite a tall structure. I donated blood on one of the higher levels a few years ago. Like a lot of commercial real estate these days, the building has many vacant floors.
Advertisement postings. These things tend to not be that interesting in the present moment, and then hyper-interesting the further you progress into the future. I wish I had angled this photo better, maybe I’ll go back and try again just for practice.
DTLA is full of people taking rests where they can find one (picture oriented for artistic purposes.)
The sign for the Orpheum Theatre. This venue opened in 1926, and its stage has seen the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Benny, the Marx Brothers and Aretha Franklin. I’m looking forward to catching their holograms when they tour here again.
The reigning champion Denver Nuggets visited arena to play the Los Angeles Clippers. Kawhi Leonard (#2) shoots a jumper over Aaron Gordon (#50), while two-time reigning MVP Nikola Jokic (#15) finds someone to box out. (Take special note of how much of the ball Kawhi’s hand covers!)
During the holiday season the city erects a skating rink in Pershing Square. Though the skate blades are dull and the rink not very large, $20 is a fair price for the fun anecdote that you went skating outdoors in Los Angeles in 75 degree weather.
Los Angeles Jewelry Center. This is a really nice old green building that I decided would look more imposing if I made it into black and white.
A pair of seasonal Amazon employees who appeared to be in a relationship. Quality Time is my love language too.
This is at the mouth of the St Vincent alley. I would’ve taken a photo in there, but it was Sunday and all the interesting old men who usually populate the area were at home. There were birds flying in a photogenic flock back and forth between these two buildings, but somehow I missed them.
Another person “at rest”; I guess when you’re on the clock for Grubhub, your only naps are on your feet. I tried to make this photo sorta look dream-like. I hope he gets a big tip.
Los Angeles doesn’t normally get clouds, so I had to snap them before they dissipated. The black and white filter goes well with buildings and skies.
Personally, I don’t trust cars enough to bravely cross the street when they’ve got the green light.
More public resting. Perhaps we should build some shelters and beds for these tired people.
Sidewalk? More like side-blocked.
Creepy faces that I tried to make even spookier. We have fun here. G’night

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