As of 1/12/24

On the advice of Derek Sivers, I’ve decided to create a *Now* page.

+ šŸ“Based in southern California

+ My current passion is experimenting with AI art generators. I’ve posted some of my favorite outputs on this website, and I’ll continue to showcase more as I hone my craft. The ethics of AI art continue to be a point of contention, and my take is cribbed from the fabulous AI artistĀ Claire Silver: “I’m a caveman painting fire.”

+ I am very enthusiastic about shaping my corner of the world into a better place than how I found it. At the moment, that’s taking the form of education and mentorship for kids in grade school. A few evenings per week I volunteer my time to children experiencing homelessness with the goal of one day breaking that vicious cycle.

+ In order to avoid injury and keep things fresh, I like to rotate my fitness goals. Currently I’m pursuing a weight lifting plan, trying to add weight and build muscle. I have also fallen in love with the stationary bike, because nothing makes me sweat like a half hour on that thing. Most importantly, I’m keeping a close eye on my diet, eating lots of protein and no pizza.

+ I’ve been writing less lately, but it remains a strong interest. My brain can’t help but process creative story structuring, so it’s something I am incapable of fully leaving behind. That said, there are only so many hours in the day, and trying to divide my time so that I can pursue everything at once is a recipe to getting nothing done.