As of 11/15/22

On the advice of Derek Sivers, I’ve decided to create a *Now* page.

+ My current passion is experimenting with AI art generators. I’ve posted a few of my favorite outputs on this website, but I plan to showcase more as I delve deeper into what’s possible. The ethics of AI art have been a point of contention of late, and my take is cribbed from the AI artist Claire Silver: “I’m a caveman painting with fire.”

+ I continue to be excited by creative writing. While much of what I publish on this website is connected to my real life experience, I adore creating fiction most of all. I watch a lot of TV and film, so I’ve been having fun writing in script form because of how familiar it feels. I do have an idea for a short story in the vein of  a George Pelecanos tale, and I would like to release that here when it’s ready.

+ I am very enthusiastic about shaping the world into a better place than how I found it. For me, that means helping to educate and mentor children. A few evenings per week I volunteer as a tutor for children experiencing homelessness in an effort to help one day break a vicious cycle. 

+ I just completed my second marathon last month, and I’m done with serious running for awhile. To pick up the slack, I am diving head first into golf, which I haven’t played seriously in many years. I was lucky enough to play as a young kid, and the muscle memory of the swing is still in me. Ultimately though, it’s a mental game.