My Friendly Alien

In recent months I’ve awoken to the fact that AI text-to-image models are improving so rapidly that, as an image curator, the results I’m getting today will not be the results I’m getting tomorrow. This has activated me to go back and catalog as many of my “rough” early drafts as I can, so I can admire and laugh at them down the road.

Case in point, My Friendly Alien:

While this picture isn’t from my very earliest AI days, it’s one that fits the vibe of what I’m going for in that it is highly unsettling. Y’see, what drew me to AI Art in the first place was its ability to create feelings-on-demand, and specifically pictures that make you look once, twice, three times.

Overall, I’m choosing this picture to begin memorializing my earlier AI days because its bizarreness matches our mind-numbing reality that is this game-changing AI frontier (which everyone has an opinion on, but no one actually knows how it’ll play out.)

I’m not here for a long time, just a good one.

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