In Name Only: Aggregating the Bots

A running tally of the fictional bot names posting spam to my website.

For whatever reason, over the last few months the number of comments left by bots on this website has been greatly increasing. Initially I was only skimming them enough to affirm the notes were fake before deleting them, but eventually I started receiving so many messages at once that I couldn’t help but notice a pattern between them.

Though I may not be an expert on all nom-de-bots, here are the common denominators of what gets posted here:

  • The moniker is always three names long.
  • They overwhelmingly skew toward female names, though the spellings are routinely unconventional.
  • In the history of the world, I posit that no human has ever had any of these names exactly.
  • In Summary: I don’t know who’s in charge of quality control at bot HQ, but … I guess they either deserve a raise … or to be fired.

Before I get to the names, I’ll briefly address the reason this blog post exists at all, because the answer is simple: re-reading these silly names every so often is amusing to me, so I gathered them all in one place to streamline my enjoyment.

So with that out of the way, here are the spammed names that have been stamped on this website, re-printed exactly as they were received:

Rosella Bowie Demmy

Clarine Eberto Dodi

Sisile Guss Omero

Binnie Tucky Kidd

Cristabel Boyce Clovah

Kass Rodrigo Belanger

Ilsa Zelig Weed

Rebbecca Humfried Ericksen

Faina Rustie Wilmette

Dorita Lock Alphonsine

Julee Barnie Allistir

Fionnula Marlon Dougy

Nancie Michail Danila

Babette Alfredo Drida

Jilleen Rene Friedland

Charlotta Spencer Nisse

Lib Tammy Forrester

Zella O’Neill O’Neill

Meridel Cirilo Krilov

Sarajane Hamlen Piper

Alanah Aluino Philcox

Michaela Shane Dulcia

Michaelina Arnold Yul

Gabriela Vessels Vessels

Alleen Isadore Gilba

Addia Shep Hooper

Conni Courtney Ulrike

Amber Warren Coffeng

Dania Doy Sakmar

Amargo Winthrop Fenton

Hedda Leicester Sackville

As a final note, meant directly for the bots themselves: Going forward, it would be really handy if all efforts were concentrated on leaving comments only on this specific page, so the new three-name monikers could always appear in one place. Thanks xx

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