Primitives (Four Pieces From a New Series)

Below is a small collection of works from a recent foray into a new (for me) area of AI creation. Anyone who has fun co-creating AI art knows how easy it is to get deeply lost in some direction, only to move off that path a day later to venture down a completely different stylistic road.

Because of that, I’m wondering if the true challenge of a creator, perhaps the mark of worthy AI artist, is someone who eschews everything they could do in favor of a consistently identifiable trademark look. I don’t know if I agree with what I just said, and in fact reading it back I know I don’t, but I’m thinking out loud here and I do believe that when anything is possible, doing less is in fact more.

I’m challenging myself to get better at naming things so that the labels enhance an artwork through question or feeling. Each piece below has a working title printed on it that I’m gonna check back in on soon to evaluate whether they’re carrying their weight in relation to the picture. The project as a whole is called Primitives.

It’s good to see you again.

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