A SpaceX Launch (short)

Living near the coast of California, you get used to looking into the evening sky and seeing alien-like scribbles jotted across it. While statistically we can’t rule out the role of UAPs entirely, we know for certain that the streaks are primarily the residue of SpaceX rocket launches. And they’re a sight to behold.

The thick streaks hover long after the rocket has disappeared. Such a throwback feeling to those days of sitting on your car in a parking lot with nothing better to do but stare at the sky.

But as riveting as it is to look at those towering rocket stains, only seeing them means always missing out on the excitement of watching the rocket itself shoot across the sky.

On the morning of April 1st, I caught the news that SpaceX was planning a sunset launch for later that day, sending its Falcon 9 rocket containing Starlink satellites into orbit. I planned my evening around watching the beauty marks as they were created, and the experience did not disappoint.

This was less than five minutes after launch.
Up, up … away: a demonstration (look carefully).
I love this shot. The rocket blasting across the open blue space, the exhaust reflected in the dying light of the building, and LA’s Oceanwide ghost tower-turned-graffiti art piece haunting the photo from the background.

Looking to the stars has an ability to temporarily jostle us out of our daily worries, and give us hope that we’re building toward something bigger than ourselves. This is sorely needed if we hope to pull ourselves out of the isolated mindset we’ve been conditioned to have over the last decade. Generally speaking, the more large-scale, humanity-focused projects that we start, the better our lives will be long-term. Celebrate progress!

Bonus Photo: April 8th, 2024 featured a rare solar eclipse. Unfortunately, in southern California we were out of the direct line, so the best we got was a partial eclipse. Still, looking up at it was an amazing experience, and this was the best photo I snapped of it.

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