A Man


Those who take “What Is A Man?” too literally have no one to blame but themselves. There is no definition of a man, because being a man means embracing some of the unique impulses of the individual. A man is a man insofar as he knows himself,


Being a man means performing the deep work of self-discovery to find one’s nature. Being a man means being fearless about living one’s truth out loud. Being a man means encouraging others on their journey inward.

If, however, any of the specific situations or examples listed in the Esquire essay ring familiar, there’s nothing wrong with leaning into ‘em.

At its core, the piece of writing uses specific examples for how a man can learn to take better responsibility for himself, and if he needs, responsibility for the situation.

Being a man means understanding that change doesn’t happen overnight. Being a man means aiming at targets as small as making the bed in the morning. Being a man means forgiving failure, and being a man means being better next time.

For me, the highlighted excerpt is a reminder of the importance of discreetly absorbing the world as it’s presented, without judgment of it. If the meaningful questions are gonna ever get answered, it’s crucial to know where existence begins. A man is a man insofar as his breadth of recognition that life is larger than “me” is expanding,


Being a man means leaving the world in better condition than it was found.

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